Our Owners

Ben Niemann and Greg Cole were among the pioneers in our industry. Since 1992, they have been restoring homes throughout the Midwest and the East coast.  They have worked many of the natural disasters throughout the years; these include, Hurricane Katrina, Irene, Floyd, Ike, Sandy, Rita, and various more. They’ve spearheaded large scale teams to help dry thousands of homes over the years. From large scale losses to even just a little bit of mold in a crawlspace – their company, D.O.N.E. Restoration, Inc. is ready to help!

In the early 1990’s, a water damage inside the home meant most construction products like: flooring, walls, cabinets, etc. were tossed in the dumpster and replaced. However, this was terribly inconvenient for clients as it meant months of hassling with insurance companies, construction crews, and piles of sheetrock dust everywhere.   Out of frustration for their customers, they worked with several other industry professionals to pioneer many of the techniques used today in our industry to create what is now called “restorative drying”.

Restorative drying uses the science of drying to quickly and efficiently dry homes and businesses with little or no demolition. This means that our clients are back to living as normal and as quickly as possible. Our dedication to the quality of our clients lives is what drives us.

Our company’s philosophy is simple: “Treat every customer as though they are our grandma”. We know that damage to everything you have ever worked for can be stressful. With that in mind, sensitivity training is required for all of our service staff.  We strive with each and every client to get their lives back to normal quickly!